Rescue by LogMeIn

Online Advertising and Content Marketing

Following a 12-month partnership that had already produced a dozen discrete product videos and spots, LogMeIn tapped Grove to develop a new series of videos—these in support of what was to be their latest and most innovative product launch ever. Adopting a decidedly cloak-and-dagger codename for the assignment, Grove wrote, shot and produced a series of two- to three-minute videos demonstrating and promoting Rescue’s first-of-its-kind solutions to traditional customer service woes. In short, by allowing service techs to remotely control the camera function of any customer’s mobile device, Rescue would give service techs the power to see, diagnose and often fix the problem without ever having to be on-site. Eureka! The initial videos were so well received that LogMeIn subsequently set the Grove team about developing a package of 15-second online spots to promote Rescue’s new solutions to put-upon, weary and otherwise inefficient practitioners of tech-related customer service around the world. Which we did, gladly.