Is Any Launch Complete Without A Few Explosions?

Join.Me is the fastest-growing instant, online meeting product in the world. With no downloads and/or software required on either participant's end, it's the easiest too. No surprise why it's loved by a growing cadre of devout brand advocates. The one thing Join.Me is not, however, is well known—especially among CTOs, IT decision-makers and purchase influencers. Compared to bigger, better known rivals like Webex and GoToMeeting, Join.Me appeared to be just another upstart challenger—barely on the big guys' radar. But with the best technology, a simpler user experience and radically quicker meeting initiation, the team at Join.Me felt the time had come to start changing all that. Which is exactly why, in the Spring of 2014, the Join.Me team retained Grove. Working together, and with a little magic, we did exactly that. "The Brad" was born. Long live "The Brad."

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