LogMeIn: AppGuru

Someday, All Product Collateral Will Read Itself To You

Boston-based LogMeIn, retained Grove to produce the first of many product videos for their six sub-brands, beginning with AppGuru—whose technology gives IT professionals a complete, real-time view of all apps being used in the company's network, both personal and corporate-sanctioned, as well as a whole suite of tools to help IT manage and provision apps. Working with LogMeIn's Director of Product Development and the AppGuru team, Grove produced content featuring AppGuru’s Dublin-based product manager covering everything from the explosive growth of B.Y.O.A. ("Bring Your Own App") to the nuts and bolts of AppGuru's unique capabilities. In doing so, Grove established a set of common visual elements and techniques all subsequent videos would share, enabling LogMeIn to realize significant efficiencies on follow-up productions. We began referring to the growing set of product videos as “video collateral,” a term which you freely use in your own work, assuming proper sourcing, of course. Whatever you call it, what could be better for an innovation-driven brand than a set of collateral that literally reads itself to the audience? Hot fudge sundaes, maybe. Yes, sundaes would probably be better.